Creative Writing

Creative writing is the art of writing creatively. Creative writing is a very important aspect of professional writing, especially for writers who write fiction, poetry, lyrics for music and original content for articles and blogs. Factors that can affect your ability to write creatively are creative thinking, a large and unique vocabulary and writing about a topic that interests you. Creative writing prompts are also something that can trigger and induce creative writing.

Thinking creatively is a very important quality for writers to have. Creative thinking is what allows writers to think of then create new and original content for their writing. This is necessary in order to sustain the interest of readers or listeners and to keep readers or listeners looking forward to something new. In order to write creatively you must first be able think creatively therefore creative thinking is a significant factor in the creative writing process that can never be ignored. Factors that aid in the creative thinking process include being in a quiet environment, being in an environment free of distraction and being able to ponder and contemplate what you plan to write without any hindrance.

Having a large and unique vocabulary can serve as a powerful tool in the process of creative writing. The more words you know and are familiar with the more english words you have to choose from when writing creatively. Knowledge of unique words is especially effective for writing original content, because it allows writers to express themselves with words that the average writer will not use which makes their content more original. Increasing your vocabulary is easy and can be done in several ways. Some effective ways to increase your vocabulary include reading books, articles, blogs, dictionaries, thesauruses, vocabulary lists, using complex sentence generator and partaking in vocabulary activities.

Writing about a topic that interests you plays a major role in how creative you can be when writing about that topic. The more interesting the topic is to you, the easier it is to write about. The desire to write about that topic is there naturally because of the interest. That can make the process of creative writing almost natural and effortless. If you are passionate enough about what you are writing about, no conscious effort is needed to write creatively and ideas will start to come to you subconsciously.

Another very effective way to induce creative writing is by reading creative writing prompts. They are brief messages that can potentially trigger creative thinking which leads to creative writing. Reading them is a good way to get a jump start for your creative writing at times where you're having trouble thinking of new ideas or to just simply challenge yourself to writing about random external ideas. Creating writing prompts are something that several writers use and get great results from.

The ability to apply creative writing is vital for writers when having to write original content. This especially includes fictional authors, poets, ghost writers, article writers and blog writers. Writers who have a strong desire to be the best writers they can be must consistently strive to build and improve on their ability to write creatively. Improving on creative writing naturally includes improving on the foundation of creative writing which would be creative thinking and vocabulary.