English 101

The english language is the most dominant and widely used language in the world. Due to its great global importance in entertainment, communication, radio, business, technology and science, it is more studied than any other language. Over a billion people speak english at least on a basic level and among native and non-native speakers, it is probably the most spoken language. The amount of native english speakers in the world is around 375 million and that number will continue to get bigger due to the vivid advantages and incentives that come with learning the english language. To explore english in more dept, study english vocabulary.

English consists of a colossal sized vocabulary. It has millions of words. By far, this is a lot more words than any other language consists of. Slang words and idioms which are a significant part of english vocabulary also add to its galactic size. There are millions of slang words and several thousands of idioms in english. The english language is growing and evolving every single day because more and more words/phrases, slang words and idioms are continuously being created.

Learning the english language comes with many benefits. Because it is so internationally dominant and is the official language for many countries, knowing the language can be very advantageous for people who like to travel, people involved in a business which requires them to travel a lot to different countries, and people who are often surrounded by other people who speak the language. Some of the best music, TV shows and movies are created with english entertainers. Knowing the language allows you to fully understand and appreciate all of those different forms of entertainment. Being able to read english also has its benefits since there are an abundance of books, magazines, comics, websites, news articles etc... created in english. When getting a job in a country where english is the official language, it is good to know english since most jobs will require that you know it.

There are several different forms of english. There are many different groups of people who speak and write english differently than how it is usually spoken and written in its purest form. For example, broken or fractured english is a form of the language many groups of non-native english speakers use. Broken english is what people native to the language view as a form of english that is incorrect in grammar, but at the same time is viewed as conventional and acceptable among the group of non-native english speakers who use it. There are also many different forms of broken english.

The growth and utilization of the english language expands with an unstoppable level of momentum. The international dominance of the english language will continue to grow more vigorous due to its great importance and necessity and the ease in which the language can be expanded on, modified and used. Because of its profound level of significance, it is very easy for a lot of non english speakers to encounter a reason to learn the language, and like mentioned before, there are a plethora of reasons that can potentially be encountered.